Lizzi Stone

Fumbled - Lizzi Stone

Hawk Florence has always been the football star, the guy that can make any girl fall in love with him- and then break their heart. And that’s exactly what he did to me way back in high school. Now I’ve been assigned to do a puff piece on him for a national sports journal, and I’m more than ready to get my revenge.

The plan is simple. First, sit him down and flatter the shit out of him. Laugh at his crappy jokes. Touch his arm, let it linger. When he asks me out, I’ll flutter my eyelashes and shyly accept. Then, make him fall in love. And devour him. I’m ready. I won’t fail. But there's one thing that I didn’t plan for: he doesn’t ask me out. Instead, he calls me out on my BS. He’s not wrong, but that’s just one of the ways that my plan has already gone terribly wrong before it even begins.

When he does finally ask me out, it isn’t much of a date. Instead, it’s a few agonizing hours of going back and forth about why we hate each other. But there is one interesting thing that came out of our brief time together: the bet that Hawk makes with me- that he will make me fall in love in 3 weeks, in love for real. If he fails, he’ll give me every exclusive for the season. Of course, I accept. Why wouldn’t I? This will help my career, and it’s not like he has a prayer anyway. This jerk broke my heart in high school, and there’s no way that I will fall for the same trick twice. Or will I?

All bets are off when it comes to the heart. Sacked is a standalone sports romcom that will make you wonder what to do when love- and football- gives you a second chance...

Sacked - Lizzi Stone

Revenge is a dish served in pairs… so when Chase and I use each other to get back at our cheating exes, will we find love instead?

When I find my boyfriend cheating on me with another guy’s girlfriend, the last thing I want is to get him back. Instead, I reach out to the boyfriend of the girl that he was cheating with. Chase is a star football player, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that someone would be dumb enough to cheat on him. Together, we hatch a plan: We’ll pretend to date so that our exes can see what they’ve been missing.

As the two of us get closer and thoughts of my ex start to drift away, things begin to heat up, and we both get scared. Feelings were not part of the bargain, but it looks like it’s not going to matter. Are the wounds from our exes too fresh for us to overcome? Will we be able to leave the lie that we have been living in, or will admitting our true feelings so that it was the truth all along?

All bets are off when it comes to the heart. Sacked is a standalone sports romcom that will make you wonder what to do when love- and football- gives you a second chance...

Tackled - Lizzi Stone

No good deed goes unpunished…

Especially for Bam, a football player arrested for a bar fight. Never mind that he was defending someone. That doesn’t matter; all that matters is that he is a big, brawny football player. Even the owner of the team he plays for doesn’t care.

His image needs some serious work.

That’s where I come in. I’m a publicist assigned to help his public reputation. To say the two of us don’t get along— That’s an understatement.

I make it clear that I only need one thing from him: do as he’s told and show up when I tell him to.


The one speaking engagement I get him, a huge honor, he doesn’t even show up, and now my job is on the line.

Can the two of us set the record straight? And, as we get closer, will we find that our jobs aren’t the only things on the line, but our hearts as well?

Huddled - Lizzi Stone

Every relationship is built on trust…but when it’s built on lies, will it crumble before it ever truly begins?

Football has been everywhere I looked, basically since I was born. Which makes sense, considering that my dad owns one of the best teams in the country, and he would love nothing more than to see me take over the team someday. And I would love to be able to help him with that, but I’m an influencer, best known as Rubie, and I would much rather spend my time focusing on fashion and the social media that I’m actually passionate about. The less I have to hear about football, the better.

I’m Ollie, and the opposite is true for me. Football in my life, but when I meet Rubie at a department store and she wants to talk about anything but football, I’m more than happy to oblige. Sparks fly and our relationship starts off with a bang, literally, but I expect it to be a one-night stand and to never see Rubie again. Instead, she is the daughter of the man that I work for, and I can’t believe I screwed up this bad.

Can we figure out our differences, or is football just the first on a long list of things that we don’t agree on?