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Khardine Gray

I’ve been doing AMS ads for a long time and I know how hard it is to gather keywords. Even when you use various tools to help you outsource the best keywords.I came across the keyword service on Dragon’s realm and thought I’d try it out. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. The keywords were curated based on what I wanted and what seriously works. I couldn’t believe that I was getting sales from these keywords and at low cpc. Lower than I ever imagined possible. I am absolutely 100% happy. This was a great investment for me.

Marvin Cherry

Unbelievable!!! After searching far and wide for someone who offered professional and affordable book formatting services, I truly found a diamond in the rough with Dragon Realm Press. Chris, my project consultant worked so diligently and patiently with me from the very first time I spoke with him on the phone. From front cover, to content, to getting my book to market, Chris’ knowledge, expert advice, kindness, and attention to detail made the process of publishing my first book a success in record time. Thanks to Dragon Realm Press, I can proudly say that I am now a published author! I’m excited about working with DRP and Chris Morgan on my next book project.

Trisha Shaw

Chris, from Dragon Realm Press was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him and the company. This was my first book so I had A LOT of questions. Chris was always willing to help and give detailed directions and encouragement. I learned so much through this process and I’m thrilled to be a published Author and Illustrator of my first book, “Hope: the Little Blue Butterfly.” Thank you Chris, for helping make my dream come true.

Debbie McNeely

From the start, using Dragon Realm Press to handle Facebook ads for me was a great experience. I handed over my requirements and the ads were up without delay. I can rely on their expertise and experience. It was such a relief to have that confidence. I don’t have to be an ads expert. I can hire one, who does the job better than I ever could!

Sela Croft

I’ve hired Dragon Realm Press to create numerous keyword lists to use in advertising. I can’t say enough good about the quality and speed of service. It’s a dream to order the lists, so I can use my time for writing. Letting the experts create the list for me is so much better than doing it myself.

Peter Bruwer

Rebecca has recently done a developmental Edit for me and I am very happy with what I received from her. She knows her stuff and her comments are very sharp and sightful. In the process she has opened my eyes to many weak spots I had missed. I especially love her consise reports at the end of each chapter. On top of that she is very kind and easy to work with. Not surprisingly I have already asked her to do a line edit for me as well and I could, without a moment’s hesitation, recommend her services and I wish her everything of the best.

Brian James

Dragon Realm Press has been an indispensable resource for the marketing of my book, Mjolnir. To start off with, the owner and management are authors themselves, so they understand the challenges involved when it comes to promoting a book. When I first approached them they didn’t blow sunshine up my skirt regarding what they were going to do for me. We discussed my goals and they had a realistic approach for reaching point B from point A. What truly sold me on them was their deep knowledge of the psychology of my audience and a comprehensive understanding of the role social media plays in reaching that audience.

The escalation in sales of my book can be traced directly to the start of Dragon Realm Press’ efforts. But purchases made by readers as a direct result of their efforts is just one benefit of their work. This goes beyond “tickling the buying bone” of potential readers. Their efforts made it easier for me to book interviews on radio stations and podcasts. They increased my presence overall and many of the show bookers I approached were already aware of my novel. This made booking interviews a lot easier.

I will definitely be using them again for my next book. I just wish I had gotten Dragon Realm on board earlier this time.

Happy Author

I was extremely scared of working with Jamie. A lot of people make promises, but don’t deliver. That usually leaves me feeling disappointed and a bit deflated. In fact, after she sent me that first invoice, it took me five days of meditation before I decided to press on the buy button. Not only was the amount HUGE (I bought the high end packages), but once converted to my currency, it was even bigger. I kept praying, “Please, God, don’t let this woman be a fraud.”

After the first two weeks of working with Jamie, I nearly fell off my chair when I looked at my numbers. In fact, I closed my Amazon affiliate account and logged back in because I thought I had made a mistake. I was blown away by the results. It’s so refreshing—and comforting—to work with a marketer who delivers on their promise and does good by the client!

I’ve become a recurring client of Jamie’s and couldn’t be happier of my decision!

Stephanie Baruffi

In the winter of 2017, I began creating my first book, Clarence: A Story of an Italian Boy with Big Ears and Big Problems. It was my maiden voyage, and I was hopelessly lost about what I had to do to get my “baby” published. I heard about Danielle and her marvellous editing skills, and after she and I connected, I knew it would be a great match. She worked tirelessly for a few months to diligently edit my script, and together via many emails, we crafted my first book, and my proudest professional accomplishment!

Alongside me, she put her heart into this project, and that meant a lot. She cared about my desires and ideas for the script, and worked with my suggestions while taking the lead and using her education and skill to create our final edits. My experience with Danielle was both pleasant and professional, and I am thankful she and I got a chance to work together.

Max Dune

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dragon Realm Press’ services. Their promotional campaign yielded amazing results for my debut novel and communicated every step of the process. I know that we will be working together on future projects!

Melissa McClone

I’ve had the monthly marketing package since spring ’17, and it’s been a lifesaver. Knowing word is getting out about my books—new titles and backlist—when deadlines or life interferes is such a relief, but I’ve found one of the most helpful parts of their service is getting input on release plans and marketing ideas or answers to other questions I have. I love that when I need more than what’s in the package, I can add a service such as Facebook ads. I was with a PR firm before DRP and never really sure what was going on promotion-wise with my books. DRP is transparent about what they do and also offer a much better value. So happy to work with them and have them as part of my team!

Katlynn Brook

Jamie’s dedication and commitment to her marketing services are outstanding. It is rare to find a gem like this in the book marketing world. She has made a huge difference in how my books are presented, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to other authors.

Elizabetta Holcomb

Dragon Realm Press brings results. After dealing with a high end PR company which brought no sales increase, I turned to DRP for help. Jamie and the team there are seasoned authors with the know-how of what it takes to gain visibility in a saturated market of YA books. The first few days, my sales were up. I’m far from where I want to be, but my books are moving now and DRP has a solid plan for the upcoming months. Everyone at DRP are always readily available for questions and they keep me informed of potential growths, sign-ups, and team building opportunities. They takes a personal approach and individualized a plan tailored for my needs and “wish list”. I’m looking forward to the new year and a continued partnership with DRP.

Steven Whibley

Working with Jamie and the Dragon Realm Press crew has been incredible. My sales went up 300% in the first month working with her and I credit her creativity, dedication and enthusiasm for those results. I highly recommend DRP’s services and sincerely look forward to working with the team to promote all my titles.

Bentz Deyo

So quick to reply always and help – much appreciated. We will definitely be recommending you guys to other writers.

Donna Armillei

Thank you so much for you time & effort, Chris. I truly appreciate all the hard work you have done for me.

S McPherson

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dragon Realm Press on formatting my print and e-books. They came out stunning and almost everyone comments on how appealing they are. I was fortunate enough to work with Christopher Morgan who is extremely helpful, creative and friendly. A fantastic combination when putting your work in someone else’s hands. I will surely be working with DRP again.

Soulla Christodoulou

The paperback formatting services offered by Dragon Realm Press have been most thorough and of a professional standard. All tweaks and formatting concerns were taken on board from the outset and carried out in a timely and efficient way. I found the whole service great value for money and stress free to use which left me to do the fun bit…writing my next book!