Website Management

Everyone needs a website, but not everyone can manage one. Our web developers and content managers have extensive experience installing, developing, and configuring websites so that we can take the hassle away from you. We customize the perfect website management & maintenance plan to get you to where you need to be on the web.

(*) Some services require the purchase of plugins or other licenses, which the customer is responsible for. Others may required more work and may be charged accordingly. Some prices are indicative only. Please contact us to discuss further.

(**) Excludes the cost of purchasing the theme/plugin/license if there is one.

Building a WordPress website$150
Setting up a domain name$50**
Building a new website page*
Reconfiguring a website page$35
Installing a WordPress theme$25**
Upgrading an existing WordPress theme$15
Installing a WordPress plugin$25**
Upgrading an existing WordPress plugin$15
Configuring an existing WordPress plugin*
Setting up & configuring SEO$50*
Researching and installing a new plugin to provide desired functionality$25*
Resolving specific website or hosting configuration problems*
Other website management activities*