Amazon ads setup and management


Amazon Ad Setup and Maintenance



Amazon is the market leading platform for selling books. At Dragon Realm Press, our experts will run your Amazon ads right from your own Amazon ad management account.

You choose how much to spend/the duration of your Amazon ads.

  1. $100/ad for 30 days
  2. $150/ad for 60 days
  3. $200/ad for 90 days


If you want to run Amazon ads for longer periods, we've got you covered. Just drop us a line at to discuss specific pricing options to suit your specific needs.

Here's what you can expect:

    1. Complete ad set-up, 200+ keywords, ad copy.
    2. We will work with you to determine a suitable ad spend that meets your specific needs
    3. You retain all statistics and metrics of ads - useful for future use
    4. Active management of your ads for the purchased number of days (30/60/90 days), including bid tweaking, active pausing of keywords where necessary, etc.

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