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Coloring book illustrations

Coloring books are hugely popular not only for kids but for grown-ups as well. They are relaxing, therapeutic and simply enjoyable for all ages.

How it works

Our illustrator will read a copy of your book* and will then illustrated a number of scenes that represent the essence of the book. You decide how many pages you want. We allow up to two minor revisions per illustrations.

The whole process takes 4-5 weeks once you are at the top of the queue and the illustrator has started to read your books.

Because of the time it takes for the illustrator to read your books and produce the illustrations, this service is strictly limited to a handful of clients per year.


Choose from either B/W line art or full-color illustrations. You can buy individual images or in discounted batches or 10 and 20, or any combination thereof.

Cover art

Do you need the exterior cover art as well? Check out our coloring book exterior product. For a flat fee, you will get full-color front, spine & back artwork formatted as an upload-ready PDF to your favourite POD vendor (KDP or Ingramspark or both).

Formatting & complete packages

Once you have your illustrations, you are then free to format them into a book. Want us to take care of that for you also? No problems. Our graphics experts will construct premium quality interior artwork, including backgrounds, page numbers, borders, etc. As that is a tailored product based on your specific needs, page count, etc., pricing needs to be discussed separately. Drop us a line and we'll explore the options with you so you can make an informed decision.

(*) Books for the illustrator to read must be provided by the author either physically or as e-books.

Additional information


B/W line-art, Full-color

Number of pages

Single page, 10 pages, 20 pages