Marketing Launch Plan


Detailed book marketing launch plan.



Book Marketing Launch Plan

A marketing launch plan for a book isn't easy. You only have one shot at it. As a result, it has to be done right the first time. Get the launch wrong and it could have irreparable consequences for your book's future success.

Let the experts at Dragon Realm Press help you with the launch and further marketing of your book(s). We've been there. We know what works and what doesn't. We've helped countless authors successfully launch and market their books.

What you can expect:

  • Based on your budget
  • Best practices to maximize profit included within plan
  • Additional promotional ideas included within plan with best times to promote
  • Full page of tricks and tips for authors
  • You can easily duplicate our plans to reuse for future releases or annual plans within the same genre.


Marketing launch plan for
1-3 books


Marketing launch plan for
4-6 books

Additional information

Number of books

1-3 books, 4-6 books