Social Media Management


1 month package of social media management



Our one-month social media package is aimed at getting you engaged with your readers through your own social media accounts.

How does it work?
We become the admin of your social media profile (instagram, facebook and/or twitter). We then schedule 4 posts a week, 1 promo and 3 engagement posts. Every post is customized individually to the author and genre. We then interact with your fans/followers giving you the time you need to write while still growing your author platforms.

Can I still control my own profile?
OF COURSE! You are still the owner of your social media, we’re just there to assist you and keep you active. You remain in charge – always!

How long does the package last?
30 days. Many of our Social Media Management customers continue to use our services after the initial 30 days as they find it gives them a bunch of more free time to focus on writing.

How much does it cost?
Just $50 for members of the Dragon Realm Press Facebook group. This is an introductory offer that will be going up soon, so take advantage now while you can!