The Many Moons of Mia Maloney

The Many Moons of Mia Maloney

Could you forgive the one that hurt you?

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About the Book

Wife, mother, and family girl Mia Maloney appears to have a charmed life. Married to a successful man who adores her and an upstanding member of the community, Mia is the pillar of perfection. But little do her neighbors know that Mia has a dark past she keeps hidden, a secret side she refuses to reveal. Forced to run away at sixteen years of age, Mia struggled to survive the streets, enduring crimes unimaginable by those who sought to own and control her. That life is now far behind her, yet its memories are not, haunting Mia daily as she strives to forget her damaged beginnings.

When she discovers that her father, a man who physically and emotionally abused her as a child, is dying, Mia is torn between forgiveness and anger. Mia struggles to make sense of her past, and come to terms with the girl she once was and the woman she now is. Can Mia make peace with the past? Or will her demons continue to follow her forever?

A heart wrenching tale, The Many Moons of Mia Maloney is a women’s fiction novel that explores perseverance and survival against incredible odds. Readers are sure to laugh and cry during the first book of this incredible trilogy that explores life, loss, and what it means to keep moving forward.

Genre: Literary fiction
Publisher: Dragon Realm Press
Publication Year: 2017
eBook Price: 0.99
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About the Author
M. E. Haddock

M. E. Haddock is a wife, stay-at home-mother and blogger residing in New Jersey with her husband of twelve years and their four young boys. She is a certified teacher with a Master’s Degree from Rutgers University, who founded and operated her own licensed Child-Care Center for five years before deciding to focus more on home life.

After starting a candid blog chronicling the ‘uber’ and over-the-top events following her four travel sports’ sons and head-coach husband, Haddock was thus inspired to continue on, which she seamlessly achieved with unsharpened ease: Tales of a Mommy’s Sippy-Cup was born.

After reaching #1 on Amazon’s new releases list for Best Sellers, Haddock excitedly went on to start her second book, this time narrating raw events that reflected some of her own personal experiences. The Many Moons of Mia Maloney is the first in a trilogy series, expected to successfully lure readers into its mazes of in-depth revelations.

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