Service: Marketing & Promotion
December 14, 2017

Dragon Realm Press has been an indispensable resource for the marketing of my book, Mjolnir. To start off with, the owner and management are authors themselves, so they understand the challenges involved when it comes to promoting a book. When I first approached them they didn’t blow sunshine up my skirt regarding what they were going to do for me. We discussed my goals and they had a realistic approach for reaching point B from point A. What truly sold me on them was their deep knowledge of the psychology of my audience and a comprehensive understanding of the role social media plays in reaching that audience.

The escalation in sales of my book can be traced directly to the start of Dragon Realm Press’ efforts. But purchases made by readers as a direct result of their efforts is just one benefit of their work. This goes beyond “tickling the buying bone” of potential readers. Their efforts made it easier for me to book interviews on radio stations and podcasts. They increased my presence overall and many of the show bookers I approached were already aware of my novel. This made booking interviews a lot easier.

I will definitely be using them again for my next book. I just wish I had gotten Dragon Realm on board earlier this time.