Joshua and the Magical Forest

Joshua and the Magical Forest

A young man's quest to find the truth in a magical world

Joshua has been told his father died when he was young but his dreams are telling him otherwise. Nearing the age of decision, he sets off into the magical world of Forestium to learn the truth. Meeting friends along the way, Joshua must overcome the dark forces of the underworld to bring together three magical orbs. Will Joshua open the Portallas before it's too late?

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About the Book

A magical world

Will Joshua and his friends survive their epic journey? Joshua – a young woodsman – finds that his life is on the line, as he attempts to navigate through the magical world to find the truth about his father. He and his companions will need to use all their cunning to stay alive and avoid the dark forces of the Goat.

A mysterious truth

Armed with little more than the cryptic musing from the ailing elder, Joshua sets off to find the Oracle with his best friend, an imp and a beautiful young woman on a discovery of her own.

Dark forces

Their quest takes a dangerous turn when an evil creature from the Underworld learns that Joshua has possession of some of the magical orbs needed to open the permanent gateway that links worlds.

Travelling through fantastic landscapes, the four travelling companions meet strange people and creatures alike, and must use all their cunning and ingenuity to find the remaining magical orbs.

Will Joshua find all the magical artefacts needed to open the Portallas and free his father?

This Young Adult Fantasy Adventure is the first in the series filled with adventure and a coming of age story that will resonate with fans of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Series: Portallas, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Christopher Morgan
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Paperback, Hardback, eBook
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780994525703

List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
Christopher D. Morgan

Christopher Morgan is a New York Times & USA Today best selling author, blogger, IT Manager, graphics artist, businessman, volunteer and family man living in Melbourne, Australia. Much of his time is spent volunteering for his local community. He creates visual learning resources for primary school children, which are marketed through his company Bounce Learning Kids. He is also involved in local civics and sits on various community & council committees.

Christopher was born in the UK and grew up in England’s South East. At age 20, he moved to The Netherlands, where he married Sandy, his wife of 28 years. Christopher quickly learned Dutch and the couple spent 8 years living in the far South of that country before they moved to Florida in 1996. After spending 7 years in Florida, Christopher and Sandy sold their home and spent the next 2 years backpacking around the world. Christopher has visited around 40 countries to date.

Whilst circumnavigating the globe, Christopher wrote extensively, churning out travel journals. He and Sandy settled back in the UK at the end of their world tour, where their two children were both born. In 2009, the family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where they now live.

FORESTIUM is Christopher’s debut novel and is the first in the PORTALLAS series.

When he's not writing, Christopher spends much of his time visiting schools and delivering presentations on writing and being an author.

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